If you've made it this far, chances are, we're quite possibly the perfect fit for you! Grab a snack, pour some coffee, get comfortable. We're your new besties, and we're stoked to meet you!

Currently residing in Lakeland, FL, we own and operate Ardency and Arrow Co. as a husband and wife photography team. We’ve been married since January of 2018, although it feels like longer (in the best way!). We are so different from each other, but also incredibly similar in many ways. Together, we keep a good balance. On our off days, you'll find us scoping out the best taquerias, spending way too much time in Target, watching YouTube, and spoiling our well-adored fur babies, Helio (a Blue Heeler) & Georgia Mae (a Boston Terrier). We love meeting new people and connecting with others. Like many of you, our love story came pretty unexpectedly (we met online through friends! Thanks, Tinder.), but it has developed into an unbreakable friendship & bond like no other. Daily, we place our focus on allowing each other to be unique and comfortable in our own skin, while being dependent on our love to carry us through each day. 

I, Abigail, am a Tennessee native, but a Floridian at heart. I have a love for makeup, Mexican food, and being sure to never take anything too seriously. I graduated Southeastern University in 2017 with a B.Sc. in Marketing and have a strong passion for creating; being able to share my art with the world makes my heart so happy. That passion was definitely induced by my Tennesseean roots - growing up surrounded by music and all kinds of art. 


Evan grew up in FL, and has a huge heart for making people smile - perfect trait as a photographer if you ask me. He is definitely a social butterfly full of jokes and stories. I can’t remember a single day together that he didn’t make me laugh. He's content anywhere he can have our two lazy pups at his feet and a nice glass of whiskey, with maybe some WWE or Rick & Morty playing in the background. While I am full-time only with A&A Co., Evan also works as a bad-ass barber / hairstylist in Tampa during the weekdays. 

Our lives are full of art and helping those around us feel a little more joyful however that may be, and we wouldn't have it any other way. While we aren't perfect, we are real. And we can't wait to hear from you! <3





did we just become best friends?