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Evan has lived here in Lakeland, FL for almost his whole life. Many of those years, he's known Matt and Sierra, and described them to me as some of the most laid-back and kind people you'd ever meet. I moved here in 2013 to pursue my bachelors. My life, up until then, always consisted of going to church and being very involved every week. Evan's childhood was very similar. Skip ahead to our paths crossing, we naturally felt the need to find a place that our souls could grow together, in a community of believers. Around the time we found Somos church, also attended by Matt & Sierra, Evan was asked to shoot Matt's surprise proposal to Sierra. He came home that night and was gleaming with joy for his sweet, newly engaged friends. I knew I couldn't wait to get to know them and hoped we would be their choice for photographing their big day.

Matt & Sierra's relationship has such a genuine personality, filled with love and laughter. Everyone they come across, they welcome with open arms. You can just tell that they were truly made to be together. With handwritten vows, letters to one another, handmade florals, and pure intention, their day was incredibly heartfelt and pure. I loved the little moments of Matt glancing over at Sierra with such light in his eyes. Their actions reminded us how true love presents itself. We're honored to call these two adorable humans our friends.