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Adrianne & Aaron's wedding gave us all of the style and grace that backyard wedding dreams are made of. And meeting these two prior to their big day gave us a hint that they would strive for nothing less. We were introduced to them both over FaceTime a few months before during a trip to a St. Augustine wedding, and Evan and I immediately saw a connection between these two and felt so honored that they chose us to capture it. Flash forward a couple months later during our honeymoon in Tampa, Evan recognized Aaron across the room at Foundation Coffee (BTW, that cold brew is on point), so we ended up hanging with them for a good part of that afternoon during a Film Group meetup, which was super cool. We learned that they both are also the artsy type and immediately hit it off. Being able to establish a friendship made us so excited for them during the weeks leading up to their sweet and romantic backyard wedding. Don't you love when life places people in the perfect place at the perfect time? 

I would probably be content shooting backyard weddings for the rest of my life, and this one only confirmed that sentiment. No running around from location to location. No checking in and out of hotels. No scheduling confusion. Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful day all in one, cozy place.  From their intimate getting ready location (the groom's family home) to the heartfelt ceremony, we just felt that it came so easy to overcome any stress that tried to get in their way, because family and friends were literally right by their side during every moment. This day was exactly what we pictured it would be, as it matched Aaron & Adrianne perfectly - chill, lovely, and a whole lot of fun. They truly are such special individuals and we just adore them.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into their beautiful day!